Green My Dentist

As a consumer you have the power to affect the way businesses operate. If your dental practitioner isn’t an EDA Member, tell them you value eco-friendly service providers.

Green My Dentist: Step 1

Patient demand is a key factor in a provider’s choice to go green.

Download the Green My Dentist Letter, letting your dentist know you value eco-friendly service providers.

Download the
Green My Dentist letter

Green My Dentist: Step 2

Let us know you’ve shared your values with your dentist.

We’ll follow-up with detailed information about the benefits of EDA Association membership, and a membership application form.

Let us know!

Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Happy middle aged couple with their daughterTo help you understand the answers when asking these questions, click here to Inform Yourself

  • Are you a member of the Eco-Dentistry Association®? Is your practice EDA Certified
  • Do you offer digital x-rays?
  • Are you a paperless office or do you use paper billing and paper patient charting?
  • Do you use disposable or reusable cloth patient bibs?
  • Do you use disposable paper cups, paper lab coats, or plastic chair barriers?
  • How do you dispose of mercury-containing silver fillings?
  • Do you have an amalgam separator installed?
  • Do you have a recycling program in your office?
  • Do you use steam sterilization methods instead of chemical sterilization?
  • Do you offer salivary diagnostics?