Get Certified

The EDA’s GreenDOC™ Dental Office Certification Program guides your practice through a series of How to Guides, Action Plans and Worksheets to document your eco-friendly initiatives and achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold EDA Certification.


EDA Certification is a comprehensive program for dental offices and independent hygiene practices that rewards eco-friendly initiatives in the areas of:

  • Dental Processes & Procedures
  • Office Administration & Marketing
  • Office Design, Furnishings & Construction

The GreenDOC™ Certification Program Includes:

GreenDOC™ How to Guides

Along with your Program Manager, the GreenDOC™ How to Guides provide specific measures that qualify a practice for certification. The How to Guides walk offices through each initiative identifying the benefit to planet, patients, and/or the practice, and how to gain points toward certification for achieving the standard.

GreenDOC™ Action Plans

The GreenDOC™ Action Plans help dental practices document and create policies to maintain their office’s green initiatives over time, and to easily introduce eco-friendly initiatives to employees, service providers and patients. GreenDOC™ Action Plans can also be used to document eco-friendly initiatives an office isn’t implementing now, but plans to in the future.

GreenDOC™ Worksheets

GreenDOC™ Worksheets are simple forms dental offices submit to the EDA verifying their green initiatives, and documenting the points awarded for each. GreenDOC™ worksheets make it simple for dental offices to track their points toward EDA Bronze, Silver, or Gold Certification.

GreenDOC™ Categories of Eco-Friendly Dental Practice

Beyond a recycling program or locating in a green-certified building, there are lots of alternatives for dental practitioners to make greener choices.
The GreenDOC™ Checklist outlines required standards and recommended initiatives within eight categories of eco-friendly practice. Pick the ones that are right for your practice – and communicate your eco-friendly choices to your patients!

  • sustainable-locationSustainable Location
  • waste-reductionWaste Reduction
  • pollution-preventionPollution Prevention
  • energy-conservationEnergy Conservation
  • water-conservationWater Conservation
  • patientcarePatient Care, Workplace Policies & Community Contribution
  • leadershipLeadership
  • innovationInnovation