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Become part of the EDA’s vibrant community leading the way to our industry’s cleaner, greener, wellness-based practices.

The EDA’s community of dental professionals and industry leading companies are well-informed, connected and positioned for success in dentistry’s green future. Read more about the EDA.

The EDA offers two categories of membership:

  • Dental Professional Memberships
  • Corporate Memberships for small & large businesses.
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Together, green dental practices, green dental patients and companies offering green dental products are transforming the dental industry through adoption of the EDA’s green dentistry model.

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Dental Professional Memberships:

attractive_young_dentistWhen you join the EDA, you’ll receive a Welcome Package with green dentistry tips, information about the EDA’s green dentistry campaigns, and an EDA Member logo sticker for your practice.

Your EDA Member log in and password give you access to create your own online Member Profile, which links to our EDA Member Search.

Green dental patients can view your profile and communicate directly with you through the EDA community site.

As an EDA dental professional member, you have the ability to:
  • Download the GreenDOC™ Checklist of Standards for Green Dental Offices.
  • Become a Certified eco-friendly office with the GreenDOC™ Certification Program.
  • Connect with other members of the EDA community through message boards and groups.
  • Post photos, documents, and blogs, and share comments on the “Wall” of your EDA Member Profile Page, visible to other members of the EDA community.
  • Participate in EDA green dentistry discussion boards.
  • Receive EDA Weekly Action Items, a weekly e-mail tip for going green in the dental practice.
  • Use the EDA Member logo in your marketing materials and web site.
  • Participate in the industry’s best green dentistry continuing education programs.
  • Take advantage of special “Members Only” offers from our Corporate Members.
  • And more!
Dental Professional Memberships Include:

Green Dental Practice Membership
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EDA Green Dental Practice Membership provides the greatest visibility for your practice, and brings your entire team into the green dentistry community, enhancing their ability to contribute to, and communicate the unique attributes of your green dental office.

EDA Green Dental Practice Membership offers full member benefits to one dentist and three team members of your choice.

Green Independent Hygiene Practice Membership
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EDA Green Independent Hygiene Practice Membershipoffers full member benefits to hygienists owning and operating an independent hygiene practice.

Your Hygiene Practice Member Profile will appear in the Member Search.

Green Dental Professional Memberships
Dental Assistant
Professional memberships provide all the benefits of EDA membership to individual practitioners not associated with a green dental practice, or who are not included in a Dental Practice Membership.

Only Dentists, Green Dental Practices, or Green Independent Hygiene Practices may use the EDA Member logo on practice websites and marketing materials.

Individual dental professionals, such as RDAs, may use the EDA Member logo on their resume, business cards, or other personal promotional material, even if their practice is not a member of the EDA.

Green Dental Student Memberships
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You are the leaders of dentistry’s green future! Stay informed and connected with the latest in green dentistry products and practice management philosophies to ensure your success as you enter the dental industry.

Form a student chapter, participate in CE, and connect with the industry leaders that will support your long-term success in your chosen career.

Student Members have your own Member Profile Page and full access to EDA blogs, CE, and special offers, but are not listed in the Member Search.