Go Green Save Green Eco Dentistry Assoc

We know that you pride yourself on using the best materials and working with quality team members, and we know how high overhead in a dental office can be.

That’s why we commissioned a nationally recognized consulting firm, Natural Logic, to analyze the impact on the bottom line of implementing eco-friendly innovations.

Contrary to the perception that eco-friendly methods cost more, we now know that:

Going Green, Saves Green!

Enjoy nearly $50,000 every year in savings and return on your investment by following the recommendations outlined in the report Go Green, Save Green!

These environmentally friendly business decisions are surprisingly simple, especially with the tools provided by the Eco-Dentistry Association®. See the examples below, and download the full study for all the details.

A few examples of how going green boosts your bottom line:

Switch to: Annual return: Environmental impact:
Reusable cups instead of paper cups $178 Significant landfill diversion
Cloth operatory and sterilization methods instead of disposables $2,337 Significant landfill diversion
Reusable metal instead of plastic suction tips $170 Significant landfill diversion
Tooth-colored instead of silver amalgam restorations $37,000 Reduction of mercury and other heavy metals into water system
Digital billing, charting, and x-rays $8,769 Positive climate change effect, fewer trees needed for paper, improvement in water systems and landfills by eliminating toxic x-ray development chemicals and lead foils
Energy-efficient light bulbs and motion sensors $601 Reduction in greenhouse gases which lead to climate change; landfill diversion

How It Works

Following are some examples of how the financial returns listed above are achieved. You can find more details and more ways to save in the full report Go Green, Save Green!

View the full report

Save $2337 Annually by Replacing Disposable Items with Cloth Items

Plastic chair barriers, plastic and paper lab coats, and disposable sterilizaiton pouches can be replaced with a combination of washable cloth items and non-toxic disinfectants. The initial investment in cloth items and washer/dryer unit pays off in 4.9 months, due to a reduction in expenses for disposable items. Each subsequent year returns and annual savings of $2337.

Save $8769 Annually By Switching to Digital X-Rays, Billing and Charting

While a digital x-ray system involves an initial investment, practice management software provides digital billing and charting with no initial outlay. Together the two systems eliminate much of the need for paper, they decrease staff time spent filing and processing paperwork and prepping x-rays, and they reduce patient and staff exposure to harmful chemicals and radiation. Within 10.8 months, the initial investment is paid off due to savings in staff time and paper and chemical expenses. Each subsequent year returns an annual savings of $8769.