The Save 90 A Day Campaign

Did you know the average person wastes at least 90 glasses of water every day by leaving the tap running while they brush their teeth?

That means in the United States alone, we’re pouring 27 billion glasses of clean, drinkable water every day, just brushing our teeth.

Add your voice to the growing chorus of people around the world who believe that every drop counts, and are pledging to turn off the tap when they brush.

It’s easy to “Save 90 A Day!”

Sign the Professionals Pledge Below

Save 90 a Day!I am committed to the oral health of my patients and to the health of our planet.

I will encourage my patients to brush twice a day, and to conserve ninety glasses of water every day by:

  1. Wetting their toothbrush under the water
  2. Turning off the tap
  3. Applying toothpaste
  4. Brushing their teeth for 2 minutes
  5. Filling a small glass with water
  6. Rinsing and swishing with water from the glass
  7. Smiling!

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