The GreenDOC™ Dental Office Certification Program has everything your office needs to find your perfect shade of green.

The GreenDOC™ Program provides a road map for implementing eco-friendly initiatives. The components your office chooses to work with will depend on how far along the green continuum your practice wishes to go.

Use the GreenDOC™ Going Green Starter Kit or, reach dentistry’s highest standards of eco-friendly practice, through the GreenDOC Program’s rigorous but attainable certification program designed especially for dentistry.

The “Going Green Starter Kit”

We call the first two components of the GreenDOC™ Program our Going Green Starter Kit because they provide a solid set of tools for “DIY” greening of your practice.

The GreenDOC™ Product Guide is available to anyone visiting our site.

The GreenDOC™ Checklist provides our members with a list of over 80 initiatives, indicating those we consider are the base line of a green dental practice. It’s a great starting point to find out how green you are now, and what product choices and initiatives you may want to implement to go a darker shade of green.

GreenDOC Dental Office Certification

The GreenDOC™ Dental Office Certification Program expands on the Going Green Starter Kit with specific “How to Guides”, “Action Plans” and “Worksheets”.

These tools walk the dental professional through a rigorous but attainable process of online Certification with the support of the EDA Program Manager.

Offices are awarded points depending on the number and type of initiatives implemented, and are eligible to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold EDA Certification status.

The GreenDOC™ Independent Hygiene Practice Program provides a certification program specific to independent hygiene practices.

GreenDOC™ Categories of Eco-Friendly Dental Practice

Beyond a recycling program or locating in a green-certified building, there are lots of alternatives for dental practitioners to make greener choices.
The GreenDOC™ Checklist outlines required standards and recommended initiatives within eight categories of eco-friendly practice. Pick the ones that are right for your practice – and communicate your eco-friendly choices to your patients!

  • sustainable-locationSustainable Location
  • waste-reductionWaste Reduction
  • pollution-preventionPollution Prevention
  • energy-conservationEnergy Conservation
  • water-conservationWater Conservation
  • patientcarePatient Care, Workplace Policies & Community Contribution
  • leadershipLeadership
  • innovationInnovation