BPA Free Dental Materials

DENTRx Dental Labs

DentRx offers many types of appliances, but specializes in the BPA-free Talon® Flexible Nightguard. After years of making nightguards (processed, vacuum formed, dual laminates, etc.) DentRx discovered that the unique characteristics of Talon® make it the perfect material for a comfortable, reliable and toxic free nightguard.

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Other Products

Admira® highly esthetic universal micro-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior fillings is BPA-free. www.vocoamerica.com

Venus Diamond Flow

Venus Diamond Flow is a flowable, nanohybrid composite from Heraeus that can be used to create aesthetically perfect, durable restorations. Venus Diamond Flow possesses optimal handling properties and produces an excellent match to the shade of the adjacent teeth thanks to its innovative diamond formula.

Venus Diamond Flow