Dry Vacuum Systems

BaseVac® Dry Dental Vacuum Systems

The BaseVac Dental Dry Vac System is designed to save you money, largely through more efficient use of water.BaseVac Dental Systems use a technically advanced oil free rotary vane vacuum pump designed to continue sucking air up to 25” Hg suction pressure – that’s five times the acceptable minimum, and significantly outperforms liquid ring “wet vac” and windmill/turbine type systems.

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RAMVAC® Badger®

Waterless vacuum system reduces dental practice water waste. Lube-free, eliminating need to extract or dispose of petroleum.Completely Water-Free- that means big savings for your dental office by substantially reducing water and sewage consumption. Our dental vacuums also run at a much lower RPM than most others, making it more energy efficient.

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AeroPure Vacuum Pumps use and oil-less dry regenerative blower technology. No water or oil is required, reducing the environmental footprint and eliminating costly water bills and expensive oil.


Bison® and Bulldog®

Bison® and Bulldog® RAMVAC® Dry Vacuum Pumps are 100% water-free. Completely eliminates vacuum related water and sewage fees. 10 year warranty.

Tel: (610) 725-8004


CustomAir® Water Ring Pumps with Water Recirculator, quiet, compact and durable, for the office with limited space, overhead piping or restricted piping. Used withCustomAir’s optional Water Recirculator, it reduces water consumption by half. Frame provides easy access tomotors for maintenance and transport.

Tel: (610) 725-8004