Recycling Services

Expired Medication Recycling Program

Green Pharmacy Program Toolkit

Green Pharmacy Program Toolkit: A Guide to Creating a Safe Medicine Disposal Program is available from Teleosis Institute.

Tel: (510) 558-7285

Instrument Recycling


Environdent allows customers to receive value for used, broken and re-tipped instruments. Available in the US and Canada, the program includes hygiene and diagnostic instruments.The program provides a simple mailing kit to recycle old instruments in exchange for free ones. No minimum purchase of new instruments is required.

Tel: (800) HU-FRIEDY

Medical Waste Handling and Recycling

Pure Life Dental

Digital imaging and steam sterilization are requirements of a green dental practice. If your practice hasn’t yet transitioned to these clean, green, cost-saving solutions, be sure to use a reputable company to properly handle the heavy metal and hazardous waste.PureLife Dental offers the following services with subsidized pricing.

  • Amalgam Recovery and Recycling
  • Bio-Hazard and Sharps Disposal Recycling
  • Photo Chemical Recovery (Fixer and Developer)
  • Lead Foil and Waste Recycling.

Office Recycling Program Supplies

Gaiam® Buckets and Bins

Compost Buckets and Bins, and compostable liners are available in a variety of materials, styles and sizes from

Tel: (877) 989-6321

Gaiam® Indoor Composter

The Indoor Composter collects food waste, then heats it to “hot composting” temperatures for odor-, bug- and worm-free composting of up to 120 lbs. of food waste per month. It can be kept indoors, and offers nutrient-rich compost indoor and outdoor plants every two weeks.

Tel: (877) 989-6321 has an extensive supply of indoor and outdoor recycling bins, some of which are made from recycled plastic.

The Green Office

The Green Office is a one-stop online retailer featuring over 34,000 green and conventional office products and a
comprehensive range of sustainability services designed to make office greening easy and cost effective.

Scrap-Metal Recycling

Landis Refining Company

Landis Refining Company recycles scrap metal from the dental industry.